About us

Founded in 1986, quartett GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary. Over two decades it is our aim to ensure consistent quality of our products. Service and support of our valued customers is our daily business. And we will continue!

In the end 80´s quartett GmbH offered Radioimmunoassay and Enzymimmunoassay kits from different manufacturers in the USA. Antibodies and antigens were offered too, but this business was not yet so important.
It changed in the beginning 90´s and so the company changed its strategy from offering products for routine diagnostic to the increasing field of research and development.

This decision was supported by setting up a production facility in 1995. The company specialised its product profile starting by manufacturing synthetic peptides for antibody production, peptides like Protease Inhibitors, biochemical reagents and products for Histology and Immunohistology. In the meantime quartett has two production sites with over 1000 square meter laboratory capacity. Both production sites are located in Germany. quartett guarantees you as a customer, that all of our products are produced in Germany without outsourcing some of the production steps. The production facility fulfills the ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485 regulations. Nowadays we have become a well trusted supplier for the pharmaceutic and cosmetic industry.

Service is not only a word for us. quartett GmbH is the service itsself for our worldwide customers. We listen to their needs and finding a special solution for each of them. We are a specialist for custom designed products.

By the way we want to thank our customers believing in us over the past two decades and buying our high quality products. Without our customers we were not as successful as we are.
If you are not yet our customer, please contact us and let us inform you about the solutions and products we can offer.

Welcome to quartett GmbH! Be part of us!