ProTaqs® MountFluor Anti Fading

RTU; 15 ml

Technische Daten
Arbeitslösung Reagenzien:15 ml
Anwendungsbereich Reagenzien:Histology, IF
Stammlösung Reagenzien:15 ml
Format Reagenzien:Ready-to-use
Verfügbar in folgenden Ländern:world wide

This product was especially designed to minimize deterioration in fluorescence quality of fluorescence samples. It improves working procedures in research and routine, on the basis of an extended storage period for the examination of those probes. ProTaqs® MountFluor Anti Fading can be easily and safely used like all other products of the ProTaqs® product line. Greatest advantage towards other mounting media is the long term fluorescence stability for at least 3 months.