Transcription factor E3/TFE3

Rb, 1 ml Conc.

Technische Daten
Lagerung AK:Store at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use after expiration date indicated on the vial.
Zelluläre Lokalisation:Nuclear, cytoplasmic
Reaktivität AK:Human, others not tested.
Format AK:Concentrate
Ig Unterklasse:IgG
Immunogen:Synthetic peptide of human TFE3
Anwendung AK:IHC(p),IHC(f)
Fixierung:1) NOTOXhisto 2) Formalin
Kontrolle:Human renal cell carcinoma, alveolar soft part sarcoma
Synonyme:bHLH e33, bHLHe33, Class E basic helix-loop-helix protein 33, RCCP 2, RCCP2, Renal cell carcinoma, papillary, Tcfe 3, Tcfe3, TFE 3, Tfe3, TFE3_HUMAN, TFEA, Transcription factor binding to IGHM enhancer 3, Transcription factor E family, member A, Transcription factor E3, Transcription factor for IgH enhancer.
Verfügbar in folgenden Ländern:world wide

TFE3 is a transcription factor that interacts with several transcriptional regulators to affect cell growth, proliferation and osteoclast and macrophage differentiation. The TFE3 gene is located on chromosome Xp11.2. Translocations within this region generates TFE3 gene fusion products and clinically manifests as Xp11.2 translocation renal cell carcinoma (Xp11 TRCC), alveolar soft part sarcoma, perivascular epithelioid cell tumor, and epithelioid hemangioendotheliomas.