Technische Daten
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Status:In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD)
Ig Unterklasse:IgG
Immunogen:Synthetic peptide of human Stathmin
Vorbehandlung:ProTaqs® Antigen Enhancer I (Cat. No. 401602092)
Zelluläre Lokalisation:Cytoplasmic
Kontrolle:Tonsil, cervical carcinoma
Synonyme:C1orf215 , Lag , LAP 18 , LAP18 , LAP-18 , Leukemia associated phosphoprotein p18 , Metablastin , Oncoprotein 18 , OP 18 , OP18 , p18 , p19 , Phosphoprotein 19 , Phosphoprotein p19 , PP17 , PP19 , PR22 , Pr22 protein , Prosolin , Protein Pr22 , SMN , Stathmin , Stathmin1 , Stathmin 1 , Stathmin-1 , STMN 1 , STMN1.
Verfügbar in folgenden Ländern:worldwide

Stathmin is a protein that is crucial for the regulation of the cell cytoskeleton and the cell cycle. This role causes it to be an oncoprotein leading to uncontrolled cell proliferation when mutated and not functioning properly. If stathmin is unable to bind to tubulin, it allows for constant microtubule assembly and therefore constant mitotic spindle assembly. With no regulation of the mitotic spindle, the cell cycle is capable of cycling uncontrollably resulting in the unregulated cell growth characteristic of cancer cells.