Rb, 1 ml Conc.

Technische Daten
Lagerung AK:Store at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use after expiration date indicated on the vial.
Zelluläre Lokalisation:Nuclear
Reaktivität AK:Human, others not tested.
Format AK:Concentrate
Ig Unterklasse:IgG
Immunogen:Synthetic peptide of human Sox2
Anwendung AK:IHC(p),IHC(f)
Fixierung:1) NOTOXhisto 2) Formalin
Kontrolle:Fetal brain, glioma
Synonyme:transcriptional factor SOX2, ANOP3, cb236, Delta EF2a, lcc, MCOPS3, MGC148683, MGC2413, RGD1565646, Sex determining region Y box 2, Sex determining region Y-box 2, SOX 2, SRY (sex determining region Y) box 2, SRY box containing gene 2, SRY related HMG box 2, SRY related HMG box gene 2, SRY-box 2, ysb.
Verfügbar in folgenden Ländern:world wide (except US)

SOX2 is a transcription factor involved in the regulation of embryonic development and in the determination of cell fate. It is required for stem cell maintenance in the central nervous system, and it also regulates gene expression in the stomach. SOX2 is expressed in fetal brain and is a marker for multipotential neural stem cells. In tumors, SOX2 expression is observed in teratoma of the central nervous system, melanoma, testicular germ cell tumor, cervical carcinoma, lung cancer, breast cancer with basal cell phenotype, and squamous cell carcinoma of the gastrointestinal tract.


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