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Status:In Vitro Diagnostic Use (IVD)
Ig Unterklasse:IgG1/k
Vorbehandlung:ProTaqs® Antigen Enhancer I (Cat. No. 401602092) or ProTaqs® Antigen Enhancer IV (Cat. No. 401602392)
Zelluläre Lokalisation:Cytoplasmic
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EK Liste €:387
Synonyme:68 kDa neurofilament protein, CMT1F, CMT2E, FLJ53642, Light molecular weight neurofilament protein, NEFL, Neurofilament light, Neurofilament light polypeptide 68kDa, Neurofilament protein, light chain, Neurofilament subunit NF L, Neurofilament triplet L protein, NF-L, NF68, NFL
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Neurofilaments are a type of intermediate filament that serve as major elements of the cytoskeleton supporting the axon cytoplasm. Neurofilaments usually contain three intermediate filament proteins: L, M, and H (68/70, 160, and 200 kDa) which occur in the central and peripheral nervous system and are usually neuron specific. This antibody stains an antigen localized in a number of neural, neuroendocrine, and endocrine tumors, such as neuromas, ganglioneuromas, gangliogliomas, ganglioneuroblastomas and neuroblastomas, paragangliomas, as well as adrenal and extra-adrenal pheochromocytomas. Carcinoids, neuroendocrine carcinomas of the skin, and oat cell carcinomas of the lung also express neurofilament. This antibody specifically recognizes the light neurofilament subunit or NF-L (68 kDa); it is not cross-reactive with other intermediate filament proteins.