Discontinued_Calponin 1/CNN1

Rb, 0.5 ml Conc.

Technische Daten
Reaktivität AK:Human, others not tested.
Format AK:Concentrate
Ig Unterklasse:IgG
Immunogen:Synthetic peptide of human Calponin 1
Anwendung AK:IHC(p),IHC(f)
Fixierung:1) NOTOXhisto 2) Formalin
Zelluläre Lokalisation:Cytoplasmic
Kontrolle:Appendix, breast, uterus, leiomyoma
Lagerung AK:Store at 2 - 8 °C. Do not use after expiration date indicated on the vial.
Synonyme:Basic calponin, Calponin 1, Calponin-1, Calponin 1 basic smooth muscle, Calponin H1 smooth muscle, Calponin1, Calponins basic, CNN 1, CNN1, Sm Calp, SMCC, CNN1_HUMAN.
Verfügbar in folgenden Ländern:world wide (except US)

Calponin is a calcium-binding protein, which interacts with actin, tropomyosin and calmodulin in context of smooth muscle contraction mechanism. This antibody detects invasion of breast lesions, malignant fibrous histiocytoma of bone and adenoid cystic carcinoma of salivary gland.


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