Cyclin D1 - Format: 1 ml

QR022, Rb, 1 ml Conc.

Technische Daten
Status:Research Use Only (RUO)
Ig Unterklasse:IgG
Immunogen:Synthetic peptide of human Cyclin D1
Vorbehandlung:ProTaqs® Antigen Enhancer I (Cat. No. 401602092) or ProTaqs® Antigen Enhancer IV (Cat. No. 401602392)
Zelluläre Lokalisation:Nuclear
Kontrolle:Breast carcinomas, mantle cell lymphoma
Change(s) made:Complete revision
Synonyme:Cyclin D1, CyclinD1, Cyclin-D1, B cell ccl/lymphoma 1, B cell leukemia 1, B-cell CLL/lymphoma 1, B-cell leukemia 1, B-cell lymphoma 1 protein, BCL-1, BCL1, BCL1 oncogene, CCND 1, CCND1, CCND1 protein, CCND1/FSTL3 fusion gene, included, CCND1/IGHG1 fusion gene, CCND1/IGHG1 fusion gene, included, CCND1/IGLC1 fusion gene, included, CCND1/PTH fusion gene, included, Parathyroid adenomatosis 1, PRAD1.
Verfügbar in folgenden Ländern:worldwide

Cyclin D1 plays an important role in control of cell cycle and cell proliferation by regulating cyclin-dependent kinases. Cyclin D1 is a proto-oncogen. Overexpression and nuclear accumulation is associated with various cancers including breast, colon and prostate cancer, melanoma and lymphoma. Cyclin D1 may be used to differentiate mantle cell lymphoma from other B cell lymphoma.


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